Monday, April 09, 2007

I guess I'll never know...

In the bathroom at Dorothy's Tamales (see previous post), I happily filled my water bottle and moved out to let Carrie take her turn. Thankfully, I hadn't yet sipped the stuff when I heard from the bathroom, "Hey, you didn't fill that up in here, did you?" When I replied that I had, Carrie drew my attention to a sign (of course, NOT placed above the sink). It read:

Now, here's the real question: Do they really mean palatable, or were they trying to say potable? Does it really just taste nasty, or might I have developed some horrid tamale disease and started smelling of chiles or corn or something?

I poured the water out. I guess I'll never know.

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Anonymous said...

Gunga Din! Maybe it just meant don't drink out of the toilet? Surely the sink water would be potable?

Tell us more! I think a return trip to Dorothys is in order for you to find out! I remember this one time when I ate some pink snow and then feasted on a dinner of rehydrated Mountain House corn-chowder.....

Well I'm glad your friend stopped you, it could have been ugly. But sometimes I wonder if its better just to take chances. I tried the 'new' chlorine-diox tablets on a recent trip and they say "for emergency use only" and "requires 4 hour cure time", funny I didn't read that when the salesman was helping me. Germs are good if they dont kill you right; they make you stronger? After not following the dire directions the chlorine water (after a half hour) had such a strong smell that it was very unpalatable, though potable; it didn't kill me, yet.. ack, ack... My Q? is: how good can all that chlorine be for you? It probably wreaks havok on your body. I think boiling or using a filter or a steri-pen would be ideal, I guess I'm getting to be a water yuppie-I'm sick of bad aftertaste. Maybe I'm just too too American, Gimme Gimme Now Now!