Monday, April 09, 2007

small town Sunday: Hartsel

Since I went home to Glenwood Springs for Easter, I wasn't in Green Mountain Falls yesterday. However, on the drive home, Carrie and I passed through Hartsel, a tiny town in the South Park area. This one's even smaller than GMF, and it made me smile in a big way! Oh, how I love small towns!

Our dinner stop was at Dorothy's Homemade Tamales. This place used to be a house out in the middle of nowhere. I guess they hit the big time and moved into town. Of course, we were the only ones in there on a Sunday night. For not much cash, we had three tamales, a huge order of tots, and (drum roll please).....a fried pickle spear! (Just to say I did it, of course.)

This is almost on par with the Marshall's office in Green Mountain Falls. Hand-painted signs are awesome. Unfortunately, this one's abandoned. The office in GMF is alive and kickin'!

Hartsel Bible Chapel. This thing is literally one of those insta-structures that is basically canvas-y stuff over some odd frame. It looks like it seats about 30 max. Still, it's an official church of the SBC!

This old one-room schoolhouse is now the community center. It reminds me of the town hall building in Green Mountain Falls.

Praise God for friends who will exlpore small towns and funky diners with me! She even gave me some of her tots:)

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Carrie said...

I'll refrain from calling you LerchyFriedpickleappie.
You know, I went to bed hungry. Gosh, guess I should've eaten more tots.
Thanks for the STS adventure.
Good times, great memories.
You didn't post the "non pallatable water" pic!