Friday, January 05, 2007

the prophet's words, take 2: for a people

Sing, my people!
Shout your joy from the rooftops!
Let your hearts be glad!

I am relenting from my anger.
I myself am pushing back your enemies,
those instruments of punishment,
all who have made you tremble and grow weary.
I am among you, your king!
You do not need to fear;
No, never again will you need to be afraid.

I say to you, "Lift up your heads!"
I am with you,
a mighty warrior on your behalf.
You are my people, my delight.
Be at rest in my love for you,
hear the songs of joy I sing over you,
my people, my children.

The weight of your sorrow and mourning
will lift from your shoulders.
Vengeance is mine against those who have hurt you.
I am your defender; leave them to me.

Ah, my broken people, I will rescue you;
I will gather those scattered by fear.
In every place where you were put to shame,
I will restore you to honor,
and the world will know that I love you.
like a Father loves his children.
Yes, the whole world will see.

I promise this to you, my scattered people-
wait for me, and I will gather you to myself.
Yes, I will bring you home.

(for earlier post on this passage, see "the prophets words become my song")

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