Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the prophet's words become my song

Sing, my daughter,
shout with joy like children do!
Play! Laugh! Dance!

Come out from your hiding,
from all your fearful cringing.
Open your eyes, look up!
I have taken away the hand
that was raised to strike you.
It's over now,
You're safe with me.

Don't hang your head, my daughter,
I am with you!
My strong arms will calm your trembling,
and my deep love will quiet you
until you can see the delight in my eyes,
and hear the songs I sing for you.

All the sorrows you have carried,
the weight of guilt,
the burdens that are all you have known-
I am lifting them from you shoulders;
Rise up, stretch, run without heaviness!
I have seen the wounds you've taken.
I will deal with those who crushed your spirit.
I saw it all, and I am for you.

Though you limp, I will call you to me.
I will gather every broken, scattered piece of you
and you will be whole.
Yes, my daughter,
I will bring you home.
Every place in your heart that has been ashamed
will know its worth.
I will lift up your head
and you will stand before the world as my precious prize.

I have good things for you, daughter,
gifts of love withheld from you by others.
I myself will lavish them on you now,
all your needs and longings will be restored to you,
restored before your very eyes.

This, my daughter, is your Father's promise to you.

(from Zephaniah 3:14-20)

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful when the the scriptures come alive. (too much to say, I must start my own blog)

On a different note - I'm glad your female (I think) - various different comments on my sisters blog made me think you were some guy trying to woo her; but if you are who I think you are, my family is extremely thankful for all the help you have provided to her since her wreck. You have been a great blessing.