Monday, July 28, 2008

back in the saddle...or seat

Due to a lot of travel (posts on Alaska and Michigan to come) and a whole lot of heat in Colorado Springs, I haven't gotten much time on my bike this summer. Poor Pedro (and new road bike, Rosie) have had a little exercise, but not the major outings that summer usually brings. What's a girl to do when it's 90 degrees out?

However, I am writing tonight from Leadville, where I came to spend a couple days with my mom. Leadville is one of the highest towns on the continent, situated at about 10,200 feet above sea level. Anyone who has hiked around high elevation knows that 90 degrees is a pretty unlikely temperature up here! And indeed, to my delight the highs are just in the 70's this week.

That glorious temperature drop meant that Pedro and I got to hit the trail today. After getting directions (and a pump adapter, which I promptly lost) from the guys at the local bike shop, I drove out to a trailhead right next to Leadville's Turquoise Lake. The trail is beautiful, following the pristine shoreline for several miles. Of course, Colorado weather being the unpredictable entity that it is, I spent time in sunshine, rain and hail within just a couple hours. The latter two made for some splendid mud puddles, which in turn made for a happy me.

I had forgotten how much the lessons I learn biking keep me centered. Not quitting, taking on challenges that look scary, smiling at the adventure of it all. Looks like I need to get Pedro out some more in the coming months, even if it does feel like riding in a convection oven sometimes.

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