Sunday, July 08, 2007

GMF goes retro

When a friend and I drove into Green Mountain Falls on Saturday, excited to hike a nearby trail, we happened upon a gem of an event! It was the annual hot rod show! Music blasted loudly from the gazebo, and the lake was surrounded by at least a hundred shiny classics. Most of the town was out to see it. Here are some shots of a few of the awesome automobiles.

Doesn't this things look like it could be some sort of batmobile?

This one looks like a cartoon character, as if it just might start talking at any time...

For some reason, this car just makes me think Dick Tracey.

Look closely and get a laugh from what is painted on the back of this fine car...

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Katie said...

i'm diggin' the Dick Tracey car!

I finally got to take my run in the southern rain. it started as a sprinkle so i strapped my shoes and ended up getting completely drenched- it was wonderful!