Tuesday, May 22, 2007

small town Sunday: the heart grows fonder

I originally planned to title this post, "bedside Baptist". That was the old joke around my college when we didn't make it to church some weekend. Sadly, two nights of terrible sleep and a paper due the next day made me realize it was unwise to get up earlier than absolutely necessary this Sunday.

Now, I have been able to feel myself grow more and more attached to Green Mountain Falls and my little church there. But my disappointment in missing it this week made it all the more sure: I am in love with small town Sundays. I love feeling myself calm down as I turn off the highway and pull into town. Last week, I had to slow down so as not to hit some folks walking right down the middle of the road. That, I have always thought, is the sign of a good town--walking down the middle of main street and not being crazy to do so.

I love the familiar faces as I look around the sanctuary: the choir in their blue and white robes, the elderly woman who sits up front so she can wear earphones in order to hear the service, the twins coloring and chattering behind me. I love the coffee hour, and am even developing a taste for church coffee (notriously nasty in small town churches). I love being called by name, and being able to return the gesture.

I am sad that this summer will include so many Sundays away (the summer schedule is getting packed!). I'll have to collect some stories to tell along the way. For this week, I figured I'd just offer some pictures I've taken as I've meandered around town. Meandering, of course, is just the thing to do on a restful small town Sunday.

These are obviously taken a couple months ago. The lake is thawed now and glittering with sunlight when I drive in each week.

The local motel. There are lots of nice cabins and things, too, but I love the character of this place.

Green Mountain Falls' most popular restaurant, The Pantry. Amazing food, and home to the exuberant waitress I told you about.

The Sheriff's office. Doesn't it just make you think Mayberry?

My two favorite cars to see parked around town (in second place is the truck with a frog stuck on the hood)

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Carrie said...

Perhaps this Sunday if it's nice and if we're in town we could get take out from the Mucky Duck and picnic by the glittering lake?
Glad you posted though it was a bedside Church of Christ!