Friday, April 20, 2007

fodder for dreamin'

I took a bike ride today in a place I've never explored before. After driving up into a canyon, we parked and hit a dirt road (with sections of trail). The terrain was a little skree-esque, so it was slow pedaling at points, but the views were awesome. Other than doing a face-plant while attempting to cross a stream (I know that at least one of you is laughing now), the day was perfect.

And that dreamin'? Well, apparently the road goes all the way to Cripple Creek. Good long ride, ice cream from the general store... Yep, pretty sure I'm a-goin' to have to do that sometime before winter comes 'round again.

Chris forgot his shoes. You can't tell, but he's navigating this sweet stuff in loafers.

Man, I love where I live. I biked last summer when I was in Oklahoma, and believe me, it did NOT look like this.

See the rock in the middle of the stream on the right side? I have a beautiful impression of it on my shin now. I'll be honest...that really really didn't feel good. But it was a great fall otherwise!

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Olin said...

Can we ride for icecream in June if I bring my bike? How far would that be? I better go ride now and get in shape... Sweet creek.