Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dear Mom, I need some new...

...Duct Tape. I need some new duct tape. See, the roll I used to fix these puppies was kind of old, and I think it had lost some of the stick.
The shoes? Oh, those work just fine. All nice and broken in. Or maybe just broken--it's all a matter of perspective.


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
Come home for Easter and maybe the Easter Bunny will take you shopping for some new shoes - and maybe he'll even throw in a new roll of duct tape (maybe in a nice bright Easter egg color)!

Love from your old, broken-in Mom

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get tossed into any trees or rocks again anytime soon. From all your stories I can see how you really would want to keep a good supply of tape handy. Seeing that picture of the rock strewn trail makes me a little nervous about going biking with you.
- Mah da Hey eh?