Tuesday, March 20, 2007

fancy meeting ewe here

Today I took a bike ride up "the scar", a Bighorn Sheep preserve, with a friend. Renell is one of my oldest friends, and we hadn't seen each other for far too long, so it was a perfect way to catch up and embrace a beautiful day. Twice in the journey, we crossed paths with a large group of ewes (I would have taken a picture, but I didn't want to stop halfway up a killer hill). And we had a view of the whole city from the top.

I love where I live. I'm pretty sure Pedro the Spikey Bikey doesn't mind it either.

(a statue at the Bighorn Sheep reserve)

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Katie said...

Yay for Renell and yay for Colorado!

Hey, thanks for your sympathy about donating on my blog... I don't feel so "that kid" anymore :)

I was telling one of my friends about the experience and she said, "Well at least you tried." We laughed pretty hard about the "A for Effort" pep talk that was accidently implied.

In two days I'll be able to see my glorious Colorado mountains again! Take good care of them until I get there!