Saturday, February 10, 2007

fun in the mud

I felt like being alone today, so I passed up offers for hiking (wanted more speed than that), climbing (don't actually know how), and polo (just kidding). Instead, it was me and Pedro the Spikey Bikey (aka, my bike). Now any mud lover knows that God made the earth and waters, and when he mixed them together, he called it good--a lesser known and rather loose translation of Genesis. But today I learned that I sometimes need to be careful what I ask for...

Ah yes, I love mud when it splatters. It is less fun when it completely clogs your wheel. Still, I got a good laugh and made it home after cleaning out the muck and getting back to the more solid section of the trail.

But seriously, it doesn't get much better than a ride through the mud on a sunny Colorado day.


Anonymous said...

So how is the search for a hose going? That is definitely the kind of mud you want to get off before it dries. Otherwise, you will be changing the name of your bike to Pedro the brick. And the speed? How'd that go for ya? Your nuts! Me on the other hand I rode a stationary bike at the gym today... boy what a blast!

Kjersten said...

you and your mud ... gotta love it! :)