Monday, January 15, 2007

winter's wonderful side

As a little relief from a lot of text (enthralling though it may be), I offer some pics from a recent hike up Queens Canyon. Like so many places in Colorado, it finds unique beauty in each season. Though the hike itself was slicker than owl snot (as my friend Brent would say), the surroundings were well worth the time spent on timid steps and narrow misses.

Hmmm...I wonder, What does it means for our own lives if God shaped his creation to display unique beauties season by season?


skattebo said...

Katie Lerch! It's always so good to see you whenever I get to- I would love to see you intentionally sometime! Are you a coffee date fan?
Hey, I added a link to your blog from mine- let me know if that's ok... blessings, anna skat

Olin said...

Now I see what you meant by "stacked up". Awesome. Ahh the seasons! I first started thinking so pessimistically - Yeah we all change colors and get old and fall apart. I always seem to get enthralled and not want the season to change. Your right though, the changes always bring beautiful things. Lightning, flowers, harvest, leaves, and Winter!