Monday, October 30, 2006

theology is beautiful sometimes...

Since I am such a huge proponent of authenticity and raw honesty, this was definitely the best part of my homework for the day:

"Light at the sensory level is that which opens the world to us, that which removes the closedness, the hiddenness, the inaccessibility of things. Whatever stands in the dark remains alien and estranged from us. Jesus is spoken of as the light of the world (John 8:12) whom the darkness cannot overcome (ch. 1:5). These references suggest how, through Jesus, men are gathered into a realm of unobstructed openness at every level, a realm where all hiding, all estrangement, and therefore all fear are removed. For instance, it is not necessary in this realm for a person to conceal some bit of himself from others, in order to have a secure identity which they will not take and abuse. He does not have to hide behind pretensions and self-justifications. Christ reveals God to be light as well as life, and to be for us...the light as well as the life. And because he is unreservedly open both in himself and toward us, those who live in relation to him may be unreservedly open to one another. They may put aside all lying, all hypocrisy, all desperate secrecy and deception. In Christ they find not only the principle of life that abolishes all death but also a principle of openness that dispels all darkness and closedness, all distrust and alienation."

Arthur C. McGill- Suffering: A Test of Theological Method

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