Monday, October 02, 2006

life is too short... not try and make the Grand Canyon a weekend trip, just because the drive is a-really, a-really long. sit on the edge of the Canyon without actually dangling your legs over it and feeling the butterflies rise in your stomach when you do. out-grow stupid accents and bad puns that I hope are as funny to me when I'm 80 as they are now. miss opportunities to affirm the people you love for all of their precious qualities, and to not take the time to ask and answer the deep questions of the heart. back out on road trip plans because you feel like you are too weary to have anything to offer. turn down a bratwurst for fear of stinking up a three-man tent:) skip a really good detour for the sake of making good time. not make the kinds of healthy goals and resolutions that get us out of our boxes and motivate us to explore life, just because we're afraid we won't be able to keep them.

In other words, my weekend road trip to the Grand Canyon taught me a lot about the precious things in life. More to come on our rockin' jaunt to that really big hole in the ground!


Anonymous said...

Life is too short to not take up a dear friend on her offer for adventure.
Too short to tell her how much she has to offer and too short to express all the ways she blesses me and others.
--Butterfliger Barnabuth

abbs said...

The Butterfliger Barnabuth is right... says the chamelion monkey. You're awesome! I have withdrawls now that I don't see you 24/7 for four days straight.