Thursday, August 17, 2006

a life that says he's better

A huge portion of the book of Hebrews is all about Jesus being "better". He is better than Moses- surpassing his law and covenant. He is better than the angels, because he is not just a high being but the very SON of God. We read this and say, "Amen, o writer of Hebrews! Jesus is so much better!" But what do we know about it? To consider him better than Moses doesn't mean much to us, but it meant an entire change of paradigm for the Jews of the day, whose lives were built around Mosaic law and covenant. To consider him better than angels in our culture means he surpasses a chubby cherub- not a huge compliment. Such was not the case for the letter's original audience. So as much as I'd like to pat myself on the back for "amening" these words of Scripture, I really can't. The deeper issue is, am I amening the heart of it?

The rubber meets the road when we have to say that Jesus is better than what our lives say is best. Jesus is better than the affection of another person. Jesus is better than the American dream, than money or success or sex. Jesus is better than a well-known ministry. Jesus is better than the praises of man. Jesus is better than our middle-class way of life.

Easy to say. But what happens when we are asked to give those things up? Give up that special someone. Give up that dream job with its amazing salary. Give up the praise of man. Give up all our American luxuries. What happens? We hesitate, rationalize, procrastinate. We say with our lives, "I know you're good and all, but I'm not quite sure you're better than______"

How that must hurt the heart of a God who loves to bless his children, to lavish them with love and good things! How little credit we give him! If we are really taking him at his word, we've got to act like we really believe he means it. So do it. Find the thing that your life says is best, look it in the eye, and say with faith, "Jesus is better."

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Anonymous said...

Katie! Loved what you had to say today... what I needed to read. Cya manana at Bible study. -Abbie