Sunday, July 23, 2006

since you're in the neighborhood...

This week (the 23rd through the 29th), I am headed out to do a week of urban ministry with a small team of people from my church. We'll have tons of opportunities to experience several different ministry venues as we spend our week living downtown. The group of people I'm going with rocks- I am so excited to have this time with them.

Soooo...since you're stopping by, I'd love it if you would pause and pray for us. Pray for focused hearts and minds. Pray for team unity, and for us to be encouragers even when we are tired. And pray that in all things we would reflect Jesus rather than ourselves, seeing with his eyes and walking in a way that honors him.

I'll be back soon, with many a story to tell!

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allijack said...

katie! how was your week?!